Latest videos from our training studio

Warm up Prior to Squats

James does some 'clean' variations prior to squats (strength phase).

PFP Exeter athlete wins BNBF Competition

Lucy wins regional figure competition and qualifies for nationals.

Core training at PFP Exeter

Julie a PFP member does core training with a difference.

National Power Lifting Champion learning to Clean at PFP

Dave was / is a dedicated power lifter but recently switched to Olympic lifting to compete. Here he goes back to basics! Very likely he will become a two discipline champion.

James learning to Muscle Up

James learning to muscle up, kinda getting there-ish!!!

General Conditioning Training

Andy does a part of a general condition phase (GPP) workout.

Fat Loss Circuit at PFP Exeter

Paul a PFP member doing a variation of a Charles Poliquin's 4 exercise circuit (death circuit)… no fun, but very effective.

Improvised sled stuff at PFP Exeter

Jimmy a PFP member doing some improvised sled training.

Improvised Hamstring Training

James PFP Exeter owner trains knee flexion hamstrings using a band and a dodgy lat pull down seat!

General preparation phase (GPP) training at PFP Exeter

Jim a PFP member on his final set of this GPP training.

Power bag at PFP Exeter

Josh PFP member trains power endurance using a 25 kg bag.

Learning to power snatch for the slightly older woman

Julie learns something new. Superset this with DB bench and away she goes, balls of steal our Julie.

Su a PFP Exeter athlete lifts heavy stuff and wins

Su deadlifts 125kg, a PB in her first power lifting competition. She was a winner.

Su from PFP Exeter in her first power lifting competition

Su on her way to a PB and a win in her first power lifting competition. She squats 110 kg.

Su a PFP Exeter athlete benches in her first comp

Su benches 75 kg (not quite a PB) but she still wins her first powerlifting competition.

Cluster Squats

Andy does cluster squats using 90% of his 1RM.

Dragon Flag Fun

James messing about with dragon flag core stuff.

6-12-25 workout routine

Phase one of a full body workout. Repeat x 3 - 5 groups. Upper body circuit followed…

Dr Tom's combi bar

James from PFPexeter does a 'guns' 4 exercise power and strength circuit incorporating Dr Tom's combi bar

Modified strongman conditioning circuit

Andy a PFP Exeter member doing a bit of conditioning in the sun…

Super set 'Push - Pull' with climbing rope at PFP Exeter

Upper body 'push - pull' workout using ultimate bar with chains and climbing rope.

Posterior chain pulls PFP Exeter

Over loading various angles of the strength curve with rack pulls and power cleans.

Cleans from blocks and back squats complex

Cleans from high blocks and back squat complex at PFP.

Full speed deload hook squats at PFP Exeter

Squats using deload hooks for eccentric loading.

Snatch grip deadlift podium

Cleans from high blocks and back squat complex at PFP.

Muscle ups

Ring muscle ups practice ... slightly less rubbish than last time!

Squat complex

OHS front squat back squat combination. Niccie 'AT IT'!.

Training methods workshop at PFP Exeter

A good day of learning and sharing various training and nutrition ideas.

Snatching and stuff at PFP Exeter

Tanya learning to snatch as part of a circuit.

Inclined dumbell bench presses

BNBF figure model Lucy Oakman training at PFP Exeter.

Snatch grip deadlift and hang clean PAP

James demonstrates post activation potentiation PAP.

Front lever dropset

James shows a possible core drop set starting with front levers.

Log lift

Log lift demonstration at PFP Exeter with James Buckingham and Mark Blackstone.

Strong man training

Short strong man circuit using an altas stone, log and a farmer's walk.

Front lever progression

James shows a simple way to progress to a front lever using a band to help learn the movement pattern.

Split squat technique

A quick explaination and demonstration of split squat techique.

Charity pullup ladder thingy

Pulls up ladder for autism.

Modified strongman circuit

Modified strongman circuit (MSM) for normal people at PFP Exeter.

3 exercise conditioning circuit PFP

Strength and conditioning circuit at PFP Exeter. Using ring muscle ups, landmine trunk rotations and prowler push pull combination. 5-7 rounds with 2 minutes recovery after each circuit. Forgive the dog and no T-shirt!