What our customers say…

"Having attended several 'Precision Fitness & Performance' nutritional seminars and having had a personal nutrition overhaul, I was impressed with their knowledge and passion for the subject. With the information I was given I made changes to my nutritional lifestyle and found the results to be excellent !"

Kevin Barrett, Exeter Chiefs, Saracens and England Sevens

"Twelve weeks ago, when I opted to attempt a lifestyle revolution and body transformation, I had no idea where to start. All I wanted was to get lean, gain a little muscle definition and have a flat stomach again. So, after a lot of internet scouring, I decided Precision Fitness & Performance was at least worth a try, as the testimonials I read on their website and promising before-and-after pictures of what one could achieve, gave me the reassurance that I could also achieve similar results.

The first person I met was the gym owner, James Buckingham. He was so welcoming, non-judgemental and straight-talking, that I promptly asked if he could personally train me once a week, to which he agreed. Every week James would put me through my paces for an hour and then it was up to me to push myself for any four days for the rest of that week. Soon, my bad habits were being replaced with new, good habits and, very quickly, I was getting used to eating well and feeling the burn when lifting weights. Pushing myself at the gym and fuelled by a healthy diet, meant the weight just fell off me! Now, after twelve weeks, I’m slimmer and more toned than I’ve ever been in my life and it’s all thanks to Precision Fitness & Performance and James’ excellent guidance and support! You’ve got to have the right attitude and work hard, but if you have and you do, James is your man to help you achieve your fitness goals!"

Al Wadlan

"Personal training with PPF is above all great fun... they are professional, dedicated and enthusiastic. They have great attention to detail and forward planning which is not often found in personal trainers. This makes for a stress free, interesting and fun work out.

The sessions are always pretty tough that's what I need and I always go home with a real sense of achievement and feel good factor. My goals achieved! All this and their regular nutritional tips make them the best… go for it!!!!!"

Julie Hall, Posh Nosh, Exeter

"I got in contact with James at PFP over 18 months ago before my British Championships powerlifting competition, I wanted to maximize my potential to do well in the competition and James was the right person for the job. Over the course of 2 months he helped my gain 3kg's of lean mass and he increased all of my lifts. After the competition I continued to work with James and now my max lifts are; Squat - 170kg, Bench - 130kg, Deadlift - 245kg, Overhead Press - 110kg… All done at a bodyweight of under 75kg.

If you want to perform better than ever before then look no further than James Buckingham at PFP, he is an excellent trainer and will help you acheive your goals no matter what they are."

Paul Dudley, National Level Powerlifter (under 75kg) and under 90kg Strongman competitor

"When I got injured recently I knew that I needed to get on top of my diet in order to help reduce muscle loss and to get myself in the right place to make the most of my rehabilitation. James came highly recommended from my former strength coach at Bath Rugby and I wasn't disappointed. Following his dietary advice I have managed to make considerable reductions in my body fat scores whilst continuing to lift and train extremely hard and heavy. The gains I have made are sure to stand me in good stead when my recovery is complete and I return to the field."

Peter Short, Bath, Exeter and England RFU

"I started training with PFP just over a year ago, after James came highly recommended to me by a friend. I initially started a programme focusing on fat loss, using the BioSignature hormonal analysis. I have found the knowledge, expertise and encouragement provided by PFP, both in relation to my training and nutrition, to be exceptional. Having seen such a significant improvement in my shape, strength and fitness, I continue to train under the advice and guidance of PFP to ensure I am constantly challenged and motivated. Not only have I seen results but I have thoroughly enjoyed training with PFP and have found the support that goes with it to be invaluable."

Zoë Atkinson, Medical Workforce Lead (NHS)

Recently, having moved to the UK from Canada, I had been disappointed with what I had been able to find with regards to a serious, well equipped training facility ... Until I found James and PFP. Throughout a long career playing American football in one of the very best University programs in Canada, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the top Strength and Conditioning coaches in the country. In my opinion, James' expertise, along with his passion for Strength and Conditioning, combine to make him one of the very best I've had the pleasure of working with. Add to that the best facility I have yet seen in the UK and a friendly, welcoming atmoshpere, you have all the tools to achieve your fitness goals.

Andrew Dorey, Defensive Tackle, St Mary's Huskies Football, Prop, Capilano RFC

"I have trained under James's supervision for 4 years, initially to lose fat and but more recently for strength and power. During this time I have found him to be an exceptional trainer and I consider him as my mentor. I am able to take advantage of his extensive knowledge and experience which is also helpful to my own clients.

James offers a 'no frill' approach to training and nutrition from a very professional environment. Hard work is expected and results are guaranteed if you prepared to follow his advice. I have not encountered any other trainer who is as dedicated as James. He cuts through the rubbish and ensures his clients benefit from the most up to date methods available."

Jimmy Johnson, Personal Trainer

"Want to lose fat but think you've tried everything and are about to give up, then I suggest you seek James' help at PFP. Having trained with numerous personal trainers, joined expensive gyms, diet clubs and tried every new diet that came out, I was about to give up on my goal of losing weight and just accept the size 16 me. However, following a skiing accident, I was introduced to James.

With James' expert knowledge of nutrition and training I quickly started to change shape. James made sure training was always fun yet challenging and he kept me motivated. He was always at the end of the phone to answer any questions and encourage me. Over the course of last year I lost 52 lb and have gone from a size 16 / 18 to size 10. If you are serious about weight loss visit James Buckingham at PFP, he truly is the best."

Antoinette Jones, Exeter Medical

"I have been training with James towards the end of the football season after being introduced and highly recommended by my business partner Jay. I was feeling the need to improve my strength to feel sharper on the pitch. We set a program which was fitted between my football training and his sessions and after few weeks I could see results. His enthusiasm and expertise were second to none. I would highly recommend James to anyone who wants to find an effective personal trainer.

Bertie Cozic, Exeter City Football Club

"James Buckingham of Precision Fitness & Performance (PFP) has presented his unique nutrition workshop to our athletes on four occasions. It's now established as a 'rite of passage' to attend his presentation in order to develop a sound understanding of optimal nutrition for life, health and performance. Many athletes re-attend these nutritional workshops in order to fine tune their nutrient intake and further improve performance. I would strongly recommend seeking his expertise if you get the opportunity. If you are a coach / PT or simply want the best nutritional advice you owe it yourself (or your clients) to get James in to get on the correct path, you and your clients will love it!

CrossFit is the sport of fitness, and CrossFit Plymouth were 9th in Europe at this years team event and had 3 athletes place in the top 30 CrossFitters in Europe. We have applied James' workshop content and book (LEANER LIVING) to our everyday food preparation. We strongly believe this has helped to elevate us to an exceptional level of all-round strength and condition."

Crossfit, Plymouth www.crossfitplymouth.co.uk

"PFP was recommended to me about 3 years ago when I was looking for a Personal Trainer / Strength Coach to motivate me and give my fitness levels a boost, I am an international expedition leader, kayaker and former PT teacher so have to remain as fit as possible. I have found it to be an excellent investment, always enthusiastic and very knowledgeable (especially clued up on nutrition). I come away from training very tired but on a high after a structured and satisfying session. James plans and records all sessions meticulously.

If you are prepared to work hard and take on board their advice, then you won't find better trainers than PFP whether you are an Olympic standard athlete or someone like me rather past their best!"

Mike Bradford, Outdoor Specialist

PFP provided a Biosignature up-skilling day for Bath Rugby Strength and Conditioning department. This course was professionally run and provided both excellent theory and practical information that was relevant to enhancing the Nutrition program in place within Bath Rugby. James provided the following information:

· comprehensive overview of all skinfold sites

· specifically outlined what all results represent

· demonstrated how to take all skin fold sites

· provided supplement, real food and training strategies / advice to positively aid skinfold findings

· performed a no-nonsense, clear and concise overview of his nutritional philosophy which displayed excellent knowledge and expertise

James proved himself to be a very comprehensive and professional presenter. James’s passion and motivation was abundantly evident in his presentation, which we all found very motivating.

Paul Bunce, Head of Strength and Conditioning, Bath Rugby

"Having worked with James, I saw first hand his knowledge and skills in personal training. When I first began to train with James at PFP the most important thing to me was that he actually listened to what I wanted, what my goals were and what my current fitness level was. He tailored an individual, achievable programme specifically for me. Its that personal approach that not only kept me motivated but ensured that I achieved my goals. I thoroughly recommend James to people of all fitness levels who need a bit more focus, motivation and fun put back into their training, it worked for me!!"

Amy Earnshaw, Physiotherapist

I want to thank James Buckingham at Precision Fitness & Performance (PFP) for helping me find and implement a specific nutritional plan during the rugby off-season. James gave me a great program to follow and within 2-3 weeks I found noticeable changes to my body fat and strength when lifting and training. I would recommend his work and personal advice to everyone. Also if you're a serious person with serious goals, he's your man! I'm now heading to Wasps in great shape and with a better understanding of food. Cheers James.

Ryan Davis, Wasps RFC (Previously Exeter Chiefs)

"I have known James for a number of years both on a personal and professional basis and I have found his wealth of knowledge and experience invaluable for my own training and for my career. Having trained with James, he has a motivating, extremely hard working and no nonsense work ethic towards strength and fitness training.

His nutritional and supplement knowledge is up there as the best I have known and he is the first person I go to regarding this aspect of training. It is very clear to note that James is hugely passionate about what he does and I would have no hesitation in recommending James and the PFP facility in Exeter. With hard work, discipline and James there with you to give you a friendly kick up the back side you cant fail in achieving your fitness and strength goals."

Richard Tucker, Strength and Conditioning Coach – Auckland Blues Rugby Union

"I came to James at PFP to improve performance on the field and also to improve my body composition - so far excellent!"

Artur Krysiak, Goal Keeper - Exeter City Football Club

Having been a competitive cyclist for years I know how important training and eating properly is. I thought I had fairly good knowledge as far as training in the gym went, but recently found I wasn't benefiting at all from the hard work I was putting in. I'm not the biggest fan of gyms anyway so feeling like I was wasting my time there was resulting in me simply not going. I was struggling to feel good on the bike and races where disappointment after disappointment.

A team mate recommended James, we got in contact and got to work with my personal training plan. The gym training James gave me was completely different to anything I had done before so obviously I had a lot of questions, all of which I received informative answers, filling me with confidence.

My riding has seen noticeable major benefits and at a recent 12 hour European / National endurance race I walked away with 3rd. My legs have never felt stronger and my gym training is the only thing that has changed. Racing is enjoyable again.

James Porter, competitive cyclist

"James' knowledge of nutrition, performance, technique and general well-being just emanates from him. I really cannot recommend him highly enough. He is a constant source of support and offers a very personal service.

Since starting training with him, I have gone to other gyms and realised just how lucky I am to have such an excellent and knowledgeable personal trainer. Plus he's a genuinely nice guy to boot! "Eat well and train hard - it's for winners!" Couldn't have put it better myself; thanks for everything James!"

Maria Marklove

"So, you're a successful, driven, manager, you're near the top of your profession and then, you turn 40. Somehow you don't feel quite so driven, maybe your confidence dips, just when you really don't need it to – sound familiar?

I started training with PFP a couple of years ago, having read an article about how your mind and body are attached (sounds obvious I know !), but few of us realise quite how much physical exercise, keeping fit and nutrition can effect our ability to push through stressful situations at work and at home.

The team at PFP are experts not just in weight training, endurance and stamina, but importantly, they are highly trained in nutrition as well. I still train with them twice a week, and have honestly never felt better or more positive in all my life.

My job involves consulting for, advising and often investing in, a number of growing, driven young businesses. I need to stay calm, positive, encouraging and reassuring as well as noticing issues long before they become disasters. PFP has played a large part in keeping my whole self in good shape for that challenging role. Do yourself a big favour, call them and book a few sessions, you won't look back."

Andy White, Murtaya Sports Cars Limited, Gad-Group Ltd, Sensaurial Ltd

"I have known James in a professional manner for 3 years having had him recommended to me by a colleague. Having a gymnastics background but being out of the sport for a few years, I wanted to focus on getting back the strength and physique that I once had. James used his expertise and extensive knowledge to get me back into excellent shape, encouraging me to lift heavier than I thought possible. Since my initial sessions with James, I have made a career for myself in Personal Training, always looking to James for advice when needed. In this capacity, he has been a great friend and mentor, always willing to share his skills to make me a better trainer. I would highly recommend James to anyone wanting to change their life for the better, but be prepared to train hard! No pain, no gain right?!"

Su Farrell, The Third Space (World power lifting champion 2011-under 60kg class)

"After I sold my business and "gave up the day job" I turned my attention to getting into reasonable shape and learning how to eat right without sacrificing my love for good food. When I decided to get serious PFP was my first step. The results I've achieved so far have been well worth the cost and effort. For me the physical work outs are only half the package as the nutritional advice and information about why things work or don't work have a profound impact on my daily routine. The things I get from working with PFP extend well beyond the time I spend in the gym !"

Jay Milling, JAMIII Investments, Gourmandine Crepes Café, Keystone Developments

"Training with PFP is challenging ... but then that's what I pay for. In my book you reap what you sow and if you want top results from training you need good advice combined with 100% effort. PFP has the capacity to keep stretching me and at the same time keep me motivated in order to achieve my personal goals, even after training with them for a number of years.

Their knowledge on personal training is extensive and more recently I have tapped into their knowledge around sports nutrition and I am delighted with the results. What really impressed me is their genuine passion around the subject and the continuing commitment to expand their knowledge base by attending Personal Training / Sports Nutrition courses both at home and abroad. Share your goals with these guys and they'll show you everything you need to achieve them."

Paul Murphy, Pfizer Ltd.

Recently James helped me through a tough patch in my life. Last September (2009) I had an accident whilst surfing in Portugal and snapped my right femur. The first port of call was the NHS who helped me with mobility and basic strength but I found this only got me so far and still 6 months later I was struggling to walk unaided.

I met James when I was working alongside him at a well known gym and was impressed by his attitude to training and rehab, so I sought his help. Within 2 weeks he had me walking off of crutches which was a massive achievement and a moral boost. We worked together for 3 months and within that time I was back to full function. I highly recommend James as a trainer and hope to be as qualified as he is one day.

Ben Hall, Personal Trainer

James said "Paul wanted to improve his performance for the Paris marathon so we designed a plan accordingly". Paul said "All the strengthening work in January and February with James made a huge difference … same time as London 2008 but in much better shape at the end and able to enjoy Paris." Paul

Paul Fisher, School Teacher

I saw James in September 2013 and sought his advice and guidance on nutrition and fitness. I was overweight at 86 kg as a result of reduced gym workouts/food cravings during the previous 3 months following colon cancer surgery. I was immediately impressed with his enthusiasm, vast knowledge and expertise. He gave me detailed nutritional, lifestyle and health advice, structured new eating habits which I took onboard and adapted in early October. The results have been profound with a body fat weight loss of 6 kg in six weeks. I feel so much fitter and healthier now. Thanks James for helping me to achieve these excellent results to date.

Gerry Kennedy

It's hard enough to find gyms to train in that have decent equipment to get a performance session done, let alone with people in them as knowledgeable and willing to help as James. PFP was an easy choice of venue for my off season training, it allowed me to combine lots of different styles and thanks to James' laid back attitude start my pre season fresh and ready to PB. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend PFP and James, even if he is abit harsh with his skinfolds!

Greg Bateman, Exeter Chiefs

If you’re a serious athlete and are looking for a place to train in Exeter then PFP is your place. It’s got all the equipment you could want, a great coach in James and a great therapist in Norbert. Added to the fact that it’s open 24/7 and the prices are very reasonable. James has also helped me massively on the nutrition side of things and has opened up my eyes to a lot of interesting concepts.

Sam Blanchet, former professional rugby union player and now Team GB bobsledder part of 2018 Olympic team