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At Precision Fitness & Performance (PFP) we believe in getting results. We take a 360 degree approach when planning for your goals. Although we are an exclusive facility we cater for everyone and anyone who is committed to improvement.

Personal Training

Personal training

James, the founder of PFP is an very experienced and highly qualified Personal Trainer (PT) and strength coach (see profile). He is especially interested in improving client's health through training, nutrition and lifestyle guidance.

His expertise are sought after throughout the country, he has consulted with a diverse number of clients including people looking to lose fat quickly to international athletes wanting to improve strength/power. He has lectured extensively on nutrition and training.

BioSignature (Hormonal Analysis)


Have you ever noticed that our fat can get stored in different parts of our bodies compared to other parts, for example a woman may be lean up top but have fat legs, we may have a comparatively large belly, our love handles may be our main fat region, or unhappily man boobs appear!

This doesn't just happen! We store fat where our hormones dictate. Briefly, those excessively fat legs may be due to estrogen imbalances (among other things), that belly may be due to excess cortisol (stress), those love handles are probably due to too much insulin as a result of a love affair with the wrong foods.

Charles Poliquin calls these hormonal influence our BioSignature. Once these areas are indentified comparatively to the rest of our body a BioSignature practitioner can implement a nutritional / lifestyle / training (and possibly supplement) plan to rectify the problem. So to some degree you can spot reduce these fatty areas!

These protocols where learnt from one of the world's leading coaches Charles Poliquin. For further information about this specific and impressive fat loss method please ring or email James at PFP.

Strength and Conditioning

Personal Training image

PFP strength and conditioning services cater for all, from the enthusiastic amateur sporty types, to athletes competing in a variety of sports (see our testimonials). Our main focus is on strength protocols learnt from world leading strength coaches Charles Poliquin, Phil Richards, 1st 4 Sport as well as our own experience, education and ongoing commitment to learning. James has passed Poliquin International Certificate Programme (PICP) Level 3 National Level.



nutritional advice

At PFP we strongly believe in getting our clients nutrition correct. In fact the main emphasis for body changes should be firstly nutrition (and lifestyle) and secondly training (get the food right and the training will be far more effective). We provide consultations and advice that are simple, easy to follow and very effective. It should never be difficult to eat correctly, after all our caveman ancestors managed it well enough without resorting to exhaustive menus and fad celeb diets! There will be absolutely NO calorie counting here, just eat as nature intended for us and eat it regularly plenty of it!

The Butchers At Darts Farm is one of our favourite places to buy meat, order online at www.thebutchersatdartsfarm.co.uk

Our expertise range from nutrition to enhance athletic performance (see testimonials) to every day advice to improve health, well being and Zap fat! James has recently written a booklet on nutrition and lifestyle LEANER LIVING — definite answers to nutrition and health, available to purchase on our products page.

Structural Balance

structural balance

Using a variety of assessments, both static and movement based, we can assess any potential weakness or imbalances a potential client may have. Once this is established a more complete and effective training / rehab plan can be implemented.

Muscle Release Techniques (PIMST)

This instant muscle strengthening / release technique was learnt from leading international strength coach Charles Poliquin. Should a person be unable to get full range of movement (ROM) at a joint this instant strengthening / releasing technique can improve ROM immediately ! The knock on effect of this is improved joint health, better muscle activation and improved structural balance.


Rehabilitation image

By combining knowledge of sports massage therapy, PIMST (see above), structural balance and strengthening techniques we can provide a more robust and functional approach to rehab.

We also work with ARNI to provide rehab for stroke survivors, download this newsletter for details. We have access to other health professionals if required. For chiropractic requirements see the County Chiropractic website.

Programme Design

People have different requirements as far as programmes for training go. A number of key factors must be considered to make an effective plan i.e. goals, time available, body composition, training age, gender, structural balance, health, injuries, mental approach etc. Therefore our programme design will take in to consideration relevant factors to plan a truly personalised training/health regime.

Fat Loss Specialists

fat loss

As it happens, most people are concerned with losing fat. Here at PFP we have all the tools and expertise to achieve this. We will show you the most effective and efficient way to shift unwanted fat, through a combination of nutritional advice, training methods, lifestyle choices and therapy. We are on hand 24 hours a day for advice.



Sports Massage Therapy

sports therapy

As with everything you'll come to expect from PFP nothing is left to chance. That's why we cover every variable that may impact on your health, well-being and recovery like having Sports Massage Therapy available. Whether you're a PFP client or just looking for some infrequent therapy / massage, we will cater for your needs. Ask James for details.



Qualify as a Personal Trainer
PPT Fitness

If you have a passion for fitness and dream of a career that's both challenging and infinitely rewarding visit www.pptfitness.co.uk. Training can be provided from our training gym by PPT Fitness, fully accredited providers of Personal Trainer Courses and Fitness Instructor Courses.


Special Features

Hire our premises to train

If you are a fellow health professional (PT, Coach, Physio, Chiropractor or Therapist etc) and are trying to keep the costs of your business down, you may be interested in using our facility.

training facility

We are keen to offer the use of the facility on a monthly or 'pay as you use' basis so you would only pay for using the gym if and when you had clients.

We understand that it is very difficult to pay a large fixed rent (like you would in most gyms) and not have the client base to make it worthwhile. Therefore we offer an easy and very flexible alternative in a properly equipped and excellent facility.

training facility

All we ask for is proof of your qualifications and to keep the place clean and tidy!

For more details visit www.gymspaceexeter.co.uk

To discuss your requirements please call James on 07814 604317 or email info@pfpexeter.co.uk

Book a consultation

At your initial consultation with PFP we will discuss what your goals are and how we can best achieve them.

We may discuss a training and nutrition strategy as well as discussing the significance of a thorough hormonal profile (see BioSignature). We will definitely take a preliminary look at your life style.

Further more, an initial look at your structural balance (how well you move) will help with implementing a truly personal, safe and efficient training plan.

Contact us now to book your consultation on 07814 604317.