Example transformations!

Alistair (pictured above) went from 16% body fat down to 8.5% in 10 weeks!

"I had been training for several years and despite having a reasonable knowledge I definitely had hit a plateau and so decided to seek out some expert nutrition and training advice. I went to see James at Precision Fitness & Performance and we started out with BioSignature hormone analysis and fat tests. We discussed the results and James’ follow up report provided detailed guidance on nutrition and training to achieve the results I was looking for.

Within two weeks of following the programme I noticed a distinct improvement in my physique. I continued following James’ advice, going back for interim consultations and to keep tabs on body fat and composition changes, as well as make any changes to diet and training techniques. When I went back to see James in week 10 the results of the body fat test showed I’d easily surpassed my goal of 10% body fat. With James’ help and advice there is no doubt I am in the best condition since I started training many years ago. I plan to continue to visit Precision Fitness & Performance for regular ’check ups’ and to help me to reach my next goals!"

Alistair Pilcher www.upenergy.co.uk

PFP comment: "Al was an ideal trainee, he did everything that was suggested to the letter and worked hard to achieve his goal. He transformed his training from an inappropriate body building style to a more efficient regime (no so called ’cardio’!). His nutrition was ok but not optimal, so we changed the focus of his food intake to suit his aims (no calorie counting either!). We then added some basic supplements (fishoil, multivits and some other poliquin stuff) and within 11 weeks Al had gone from a reasonable 16% body fat to a very impressive 8.5% (and added 2 kg of muscle). Of course he had to work very hard and to steer clear of doughnuts but with a wee bit of discipline, hard work and correct training and nutrition you can see the end result… congratulations Al we’ve just got to work on that hair cut now mate!!"

  • Lucy wins figure competition after 12 weeks of training!

    The 'after' photo is of Lucy winning her first 'figure' competition in 2011. Her body fat in the picture was 3.2%, accurately taken over 12 different skin fold sites. It was also 1 year after her first baby was born.

    She was extremely dedicated and disciplined. Her training and nutrition was specific to her but was simple to follow and planned with her goal in mind. She did the hard work, PFP simply provided the direction and plan.



    Tanya's Progress
    See results below after just 12 weeks of training and nutrition planning with PFP Exeter!

    body transformation body transformation

    Lee's Results
    "Having decided I wanted to be leaner I got in touch with James Buckingham to get advice on training and nutrition programmes. With James’s guidance I am losing body fat and still gaining lean muscle mass, I am also healthier and stronger than ever before! I am now training at James’s gym PFP which has the best equipment in Exeter. If you are serious about being healthier / leaner / stronger / fitter contact James he will help you change your life!"


    Al's Transformation
    "Twelve weeks ago, when I opted to attempt a lifestyle revolution and body transformation, I had no idea where to start. All I wanted was to get lean, gain a little muscle definition and have a flat stomach again. So, after a lot of internet scouring, I decided Precision Fitness & Performance was at least worth a try, as the testimonials I read on their website and promising before-and-after pictures of what one could achieve, gave me the reassurance that I could also achieve similar results.
    The first person I met was the gym owner, James Buckingham. He was so welcoming, non-judgemental and straight-talking, that I promptly asked if he could personally train me once a week, to which he agreed. Every week James would put me through my paces for an hour and then it was up to me to push myself for any four days for the rest of that week. Soon, my bad habits were being replaced with new, good habits and, very quickly, I was getting used to eating well and feeling the burn when lifting weights. Pushing myself at the gym and fuelled by a healthy diet, meant the weight just fell off me! Now, after twelve weeks, I’m slimmer and more toned than I’ve ever been in my life and it’s all thanks to Precision Fitness & Performance and James’ excellent guidance and support! You’ve got to have the right attitude and work hard, but if you have and you do, James is your man to help you achieve your fitness goals!"



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