James Buckingham, PFP Founder

Precision Fitness & Performance is headed up by James Buckingham who is a personal trainer, strength coach and nutritional adviser (author of Leaner Living see our products page). He has a life time experience of physical endeavour having spent 22 years as an infantry soldier.

James has been training and competing in a variety of sports since childhood. He has competed at national level gymnastics, county level swimming and Army level boxing and rugby.

Qualifications include:

James Buckingham

His client base currently reflects his diverse approach. It included an 85 year old health conscious woman, numerous fat loss clients and aspiring young athletes who are interested in strength and power enhancement. He has trained and advised various international and national level sports people (see our testimonials). However his main client base is normal people wanting to be healthy, lean, happy and fit!

James is also a BioSignature practitioner which he uses to improve/lower his clients body composition and fat percentage with precise nutritional advice, exercise and supplements (if required). A recent client went from 16% body fat to 8.5% in 11 weeks, adding 2.5 kg of lean muscle! (See our gallery)

He has run and advised various boot camp and military style training regimes including the internationally acclaimed www.newyoubootcamp.co.uk, concentrating mainly on nutrition and fitness enhancement methods.

More recently James has taught personal training (PT) courses at Exeter College for potential trainers and has lectured extensively on training and nutrition. He also trains and advises many of the health professionals in the region and has had articles published on e-learning courses for the NHS. James currently writes a monthly column in the Express and Echo on health and training.

In addition to his passion for fitness, health and nutrition James likes to get out on the water windsurfing in his spare time. He also spends as much time as possible with his son who he will be training as soon as he is old enough!

James Buckingham James Buckingham

He is commited to constantly enhancing his knowledge and expertise and has learnt from some of the best coaches in the world, including Charles Poliquin, Phil Richards and Premier International.

Lucy Oakman, PFP Personal Trainer

Lucy is a fitness coach working at PFP Exeter. She currently competes at National Level Figure / Bodybuilding with the British Natural Bodybuilding Federation (BNBF). Lucy has been working towards this for over 3 years and takes her training / nutrition seriously, she really enjoys seeing the good results coming from it. She strives to help others reach their training goals as she has done herself.

Lucy is a mum of 2 boys and lives in Exeter.

If you would like to book PT sessions with Lucy or need further information please contact her on 07789 275348 or email lucypfpexeter@mail.com.

James Buckingham